About Us

Barbara Herzig and Peggy Berlese established Herzig & Berlese in 1981. At that time there were few women attorneys and we wanted to create a work environment in which we would have work/life balance and maintain independence in decision making in our work.

Barbara and Peggy consult regularly on new and complex subdivision issues and make the experience and problem solving expertise they have gained from more than 70 years of experience available to every client.

They have drafted documents for countless condominium projects that range in size from 300 units to two units, vertical subdivisions, easements, deeds and other real property documents.

They work regularly with the San Francisco Department of Public Works in connection with approval of subdivision maps and the California Department of Real Estate to obtain conditional and final public reports needed to market condominium projects,

The firm developed the use of airspace maps to create condominiums in parcels with existing units that, by City law, cannot be made into condominiums. Barbara and Peggy have excellent working relationships with and have access to the San Francisco County Surveyor, California Department of Real Estate, title companies, budget preparers and other persons involved in the subdivision process.