New Construction Condominium Projects

For projects of five or more units, we provide a variety of services with the goal of obtaining a final public report from the California Bureau of Real Estate, including document drafting, assistance with subdivision maps, project coordination, and sales agreements and disclosures. In order to ensure the final subdivision map is recorded properly and timely, we submit the application with all the necessary documents, follow up through various agency reviews, assist with obtaining lender signatures when required, and assist clients with receiving their tax certificate.

For projects of two to four units, we provide the same services as for larger projects, except that a final public report is not required.


Condominium Conversions

We are experts in the intricacies of condominium conversion in San Francisco as well as outside of the City. We assist clients with every step of the process from completing the subdivision application to drafting all the necessary documents to form and manage their Homeowners' Association.


Homeowners' Association Documents

We work with Homeowners' Associations to update documents that do not comply with the most recent revisions to the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, assist with the development of operating rules and policies, and advise Boards of Directors how to keep operating rules in compliance with the law.


Tenancy in Common Agreements

We draft tenancy in common agreements for multiple owners with exclusive rights of occupancy and communicate with the Bureau of Real Estate, if necessary. Before a tenancy in common is even formed, we meet with the potential co-tenants to recognize and solve potential problems. After a tenancy in common is formed, we assist owners in dispute resolution through mediation.


Easements and Encroachments

We draft all types of easement and encroachment agreements, including shared maintenance agreements, utility and access easements, and easements required by the City and County of San Francisco in connection with the issuance of building permits.


Homeowners' Association Budgets

We provide a complete and thorough budget for Homeowners' Associations in conjunction with the drafting of its other documents, such as the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions, Bylaws, and Articles of Association. We also provide assistance with obtaining and modifying the reserve study to fit every builder's or Homeowners' Association's specific needs.


Vertical Subdivisions

We assist clients in creating condominiums from new construction units built on lots with existing rental housing.


Real Property Sales

We assist sellers and buyers of real property in documenting and closing real estate sales transactions where no real estate agents are involved. We also work directly with realtors to answer questions regarding more complex real property transactions.